Pray for The World

What’s happened to the world today is seriously heartbreaking. People lost their houses, families, friends, and even freedom. Some of them even were killed by their own government, the one who’s supposed to protect his people.

I just watched a footage of a 5 year old Syrian refugee in Turkey who sells tissues on the streets of Turkey to help her family survive. She was absolutely shaken when she saw a man in uniform (police) coming towards her. At such a young age she has suffered a psychological trauma toward “military dress”.

Nobody wants to live their houses unless other place is safer. Eventhough they have to cross the sea on a small boat and face the possibility of drowning, they just need to go.

Hi Cinta, my life has been so colourful and meaningful lately. Alhamdulillah. But others’ may not be. World is sick. Most of its residents are….

Pray for this world, as in here humanity is at its lowest point.

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