I failed….

For the second time….

I cried

but not anymore

Allah always knows what’s the best for every mankind. I do believe it. Indeed… this failure is the best for me. It might not be what I want but it is what I need.

The civil servant and BPJS selection teach me a lot about a true intention. To be truthful, my main intention of joining the selection was all about big salary, big bonus, and settlement. I didn’t give any space for future career progress or even helping people. and the biggest lie is I didn’t think about my passion, doing things I love the most, teaching and kids. I shouldn’t cry, should I?.

Now is the time to think about my mission in life. Why am I alive, for what kind of missions and goals?.

Be patient with the best patience they said. Coz Allah won’t burden any man beyond their limit.

I won’t cry

I don’t cry ^^

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