An Old Job A New Workplace

Allah is always sooo kind to me. He grants me unlimited blessings till i dont know how to show my gratitude. A lovely family, a healthy body, many good friends, and many elses are only a bit of His blessings that I can mention. And now…a nice job in a good workplace has already been added to my list of being so grateful since last month. Yes, I got a new job, not a dream job, but it’s even far away better than I expected a month ago. Being an English teacher (:

Steps 2 success, an English course located in Citra Gran, has accepted me to participate in their company as an English teacher. This is the first job that got my Mom’s permission after several jobs called me but got refused immediately. Just because its locations are (for My Mom thought) far from house and will burden me a lot in the future #phew.

Well, only 15 minutes from home, a nice salary, a friendly environment, so many Cambridge and Oxford university press books, and last but not least LOVABLE KIDS. Where else I can have students from 2 years old kids to a doctoral candidate of Universitas Indonesia ^^


With Sawsan,


Icha, a smart student of mine, wanna have one like her please :*


Kakak Keisha, she’s soo beautiful (:



3 thoughts on “An Old Job A New Workplace

  1. waaah..deket banget ya tempat ngajarnya.. sekolah tempat aku ngajar juga cuma 5 menit dr rumah kalo naik motor. ^_^

    aku mau juga dooong. diajarin bahasa inggris… :-*

    • alhamdulillah, masuknya jam setengah 10 pula jadi masih bisa main-main di dapur atau main sama krucil-krucil ^^. Kakak mah sudah jago mau diajarin apalagi?! belajar sama-sama aja yuk (:

      • waah…asik bener masuk jam setengah 10. beuuh..aku mah setahun ga ngajar KI berasa banget ilang keknya.. emang bener ya..if you don’t use you will lose..

        belajar lagi..kudu wajib harus nih dek..

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