Inevitable Life’s Journey : Marriage

24th May 2011

@ Green-painted living room

I should concentrate reading hundred slides of Pediatric nursing due to tomorrow final examination at this moment. However, my brain doesn’t make a friend of me. It stucks in imagining the one whom i’ll be married to *sigh. Please, don’t laugh at me. This thought just came up into my mind for some reasons. The main reason is some well-known people in my campus (Universitas Indonesia) just got married, and the worst is I admired some of them :p.

On 19th february, my executive Director in Galaxy (Gema Fikri Ananda Putra) and board of experts (Dwi Anggiana sari) made a ineffacbe suprised. They sent me a link of their wedding web. What a surprise!! As I had known that they were in a process of bounding as a married couple. We had plenty of meeting before the announcement of their wedding while they did great in hiding their relationship (I mean the process) 🙂 .

On 15 May 2011, my dearest sister had her marriage contract and also wedding reception. She was 28 years old at tha moment. Actually, it’s an marriagable age.

0n 22 May 2011. The one whom i had ever admired because of his reciting Alqur’an (tasmi’). Rhevy Adriade married the most talented and pretty woman I’ve ever known exist in UI, Kak Dwi Nur Aisyah.

On next 26 June 2011. The CEO of, Kak Ilman Akbar, who is also the best student of Faslikom 2009 are going to marry his partner, Kak Istiana Sutanti.

The last, their wedding web are such exquisite sweet and inviting a sense of envy 😦 (i should marry a programmer or  a web designer or a creative consultant then, eh??) :p . check it out

Kak Gema and Kak Ang

Kak Rhevy and Kak Dewina

Kak Ilman and Kak Isti

subhanallah,it’s just a minute before published this post, suddenly a link popped out from my FB, and you know what..the link was a wedding invitation from my lovely Sister, Rita Awalludin, wow…what a coincidence! Barakallah for all of you 😉

well, Yaa ma’syarasysyabab. Manistathaa ‘aminkumulba’ah, fal yatazawwaj, fainnahu aghadhdhu lil bashar, wa ahshonu lil fajri….(HR Bukhari) (taken from someone’s status on Fb)

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