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the first essay….lalalala…


Having reared in East leads me to be more curious about how’s life going to deal with all things happened lately. My statement doesn’t mean that western is curious less. However, life is all the matter of choices. Based on the hierarchy of human needs formulated by Masslow, physiological and biological need is on the basement followed by safety and belonging. As an Eastern who almost 20 years deal with many phenomenon of poverty, dumbness, and degradation of morality, concerning uprightly about health, education, and culture is kind of need for me.

My proudly country, Indonesia, however is one of several countries in the world which still need some efforts to reach its glory, at least the glory of being prosperous country. Health, education, and culture are the main point of reducing desolation. As a young adult, being truthfully forsaken this matter is the biggest deal ever. Nevertheless, we are the agent of change, future is on our hands. The succeed person is the one who tend to be complacent about the future because they’ve prepared everything from the past at least now on. This is an era where we must heap coals of fire on one’s hand.




Heal the world

Make it a better place

For you and for me

And the entire human race

There are people dying

If you care enough for the living

Make it a better place

For you and for me

That part of lyric taken from song tittled Heal The World not only reminds us of its singer but also, the most important one, guides us to hang together in healing the world. This world is deeply sick. They need us acted as a doctor out, paying attention on the signs and symptoms, examining the causes, writing the prescription, and then giving the best intervention.

Embracing one humanity, one method to wriggle out of this imstabilized era. Being hand in hand and spreading benevolences through nation sounds so great to be acted out in reality. Taking advantage from the rapid growth of technology seems to be a useful way. Many social networks made, Facebook, twitter, and other sources can be used to dramatically inform this idea. However, human have a heart, and truly heart can’t stand on an uproar made by irresponsible people.



the last..hohoho…


Respecting other cultures seems no longer being a hard thing recently. Even more, some people tend to love others than theirs. You can see this phenomenon on how your native teenagers particularly love and expect to be like their foreign idols. Provided social networking and sophisticated technology courage the rapid development of this condition. However, respecting other cultures in term of above explanation is another fact that probably could recognize on both sides, positive and negative point of view. Positive, just like what the purpose of writing this essay, finding out the way to envision mankind as one is the answer. On the other side, loosing own local independence in culture is the negative achievement.

Extremely contrast with my last statements, there are still perilous disparagement addressed to a culture from their rival. In term of culture, included religions, norms, values, habits, and customs. Nevertheless, war, misunderstanding, separation, and other disobedience appear as the result of confronting each other. Therefore, we, insha Allah, as the one of participant in Asian Youth Conference 9 will gather in Taipei for showing the world that we are one, we’ll embrace one humanity. For the glory of unity, and world peace.


doakan aku Kawan….*colek Niken





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