It’s Better Watching Harry Potter than…

Getting my regular insomnia leads me to write this spam

Warning: if you think time is more important than money, please do another more worth things, leave this site: D


Well, my verve of following the news of PEMIRA is on its peak level.

The culmination was yesterday, spending 5 hours just for adoring one’s campaign, checking their official website, watching the videos, downloading the pictures which they call thematic, and the craziest one was reading all comments about them.


I try to avoid cluttering my mind with nonessentials. I have a strong faith in me that I’m on the right track, yet why they keep annoying me with their irresponsible opinions.

Why they love to play in mud?

You know, being a broad-mindedness isn’t as easy as saying it.

Their tantrum is to verge in ridiculous… I mean, on the side of me, it’s ridiculous.


Okay, who am I then? Why do I have to make a big deal with it?


I’m not on both sides of them…please be sure, I’m NOT (yes, I’m) *monologue*


At first, I do a glimpse on both of the candidates, but now…I realize that each of them has so many benevolences for society. Yeah, each of them is a great personal. Can’t we keep hanging together trough these many differences?


Please, don’t ever spread disparagement to each candidate. Let them do their best…let them making us sure to vote them because of their capabilities.

We don’t need uproar then. Let it be natural…lalalalala

Better watching Harry Potter then, anyone wanna join me???lalalalalala 😀




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