Tag..tag..tag :D


The rules are simple. Use google image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results,and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

The age of next birthday:

years ago, in my ABG Labil time, i thought the number of it would be the year of my marriage.

but it’s no longer then…i haven’t reach the best achievement of my single time yet.

Place I’d like to travel:

United Kingdom

as a good sister-in-law, so i have to visit my Brother-in-law (read: Prince William) regularly 😀

love this country’s language much. its old buildings. its exquisite scenery.

A Favorite Place:

one day, i spent more than 500.000 Rupiahs in this place.

actually, it’s the most forbidden area to be visited. stress, desolation, full wallet and debit card, going to this place, back home in moneyless. -__-“

A Favorite Food:

any kind of spicy food, slurrp ^^

A Favorite Thing:

keep me away from dehydration 😀

nevertheless, as an absolute absent-minded person, i lost the tumblers for several times *sigh

City I was Born:

here we are…Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

it’s beautiful, isn’t it? No, It’s not *phew*

flood, high traffic jam, great number of criminal, that’s my city then.

Nickname I had:

this is the logo for Agency for Public Management and eGovernment. *laughing* even i just knew it.

A Favorite Color:

can you see what colors are those?

yep, Pink, Purple, and Brown, i love the combination of them.

College Major

faculty of nursing, Universitas Indonesia.

caring is the heart of my major.

Name of My Love:

Belum ada laaaah, masih menjadi rahasia besar 😀

A Hobby:

Cooking, Baking, but don’t ever believe that i can cook, i can, but it’s awful 😀

A Bad Habit:

sleepy-Head, i could spend more than 6 hours to sleep, zzzz.

feeding-difficulties, seems i have a failure to thrive -__-“

my Wishlist:

i just want to be a GREAT MOTHER

waiting for the time when i can hear the children call me BUNDA

craving for the time when i can see them grow in prosperous condition

being anxious for the time when i can sit proudly in their graduation day

wishing for the time when i cry because they tell me “BUNDA, aku sayang bunda karena Allah”

and begging to Allah for the time when we gather in HIS heaven *aameen* :’)and also being a hospital owner then 😀

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