just another home of Dianv3^^

the "OWL"

can you guess what it is??

assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

yihaaa, what an amusing month..APRIL..my month, all is mine 😉

my birthday which was full of happiness, caring, LOVE, and of course GIFTS *LOL
indeed, my new status, being in this status guide me to act as if
-i were the most beautiful girl in the world or-
-(borrow) my pet name which given by my besties in senior high school “Princess” –
-or use another pet name of mine from my brother “Snow White” who surrounds by cute and quite annoying Dwarfs-
I do Feel Like Them….*blushing

FYI, i already have 2 sites for spamming and site also for spamming but especially designed for UI student

they are



if you want to know me more detail, just Check it out, put some comments (the nice one^^) and link my blog to yours
enough for the greeting….i have to go back to my focus attention (the lecturer just squinted me for several times *ups, caught up
aha, i  put the ‘owl” as the opening picture, unfortunately it’s already absorbed in my intestine 😀

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